Will psychoanalytic therapy help me?

Psychoanalytic therapy is not formulaic, and there are no predetermined outcome guarantees.  It is efficacious because it addresses your very specific needs and problems. The therapeutic relationship we establish will encourage collaboration.  We will find answers together.  The more committed you are, the more change you will experience over time.

As a result, analytic therapy is very effective for many types of personal concerns that include: depression, anxiety and phobias; anger and rage; feelings of emptiness; marital, parenting and relationship difficulties; trauma and post traumatic stress disorder; chronic illness; marital and child abuse; substance abuse; existential issues and personal meaning concerns; vocational issues; phase of life issues like marriage, divorce, childbirth, adolescence, midlife and end of life and grief concerns.

Psychoanalytic therapy is also helpful where sexuality and gender issues are concerned.  Psychoanalysis is also extremely beneficial for artists, writers, psychotherapists and anyone who wants to live more creatively.

“Psychoanalysis is thought for food.”

-Mauri-Lynne Heller

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