Psychoanalytic services for clinicians

The two most significant elements required to excel as a therapist are supervisory consultation and your own personal therapy. Many training programs require very little if any personal therapy, a deficiency that compromises the facilitation of both professional and personal maturity. We cannot offer clients or patients clinical treatment that we, ourselves, have not yet experienced. We must analyze our own inner landscape before we engage another’s with confidence and competency.Committed to promoting psychoanalytic education and training, Dr. Heller offers individual and group consultation to licensed clinicians and pre-licensed interns who seek to deepen the quality of their work by acquiring a strong theoretical framework and the ability to conceptualize accordingly. Those who are curious or would like to enrich their clinical practice by working more insightfully and fluidly within the transference-countertransference matrix will benefit from this collaborative experience.

Understanding the evolutionary process of professional development and having undergone her own personal analysis, Dr. Heller is well equipped to provide psychoanalytic therapy or consultation to other therapists with similar aspirations.

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