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Integrity and character are the basis for and define all trustworthy relationships, particularly those between a psychotherapist/psychoanalyst and her patients. While always essential, these traits are even more imperative during this time of unprecedented uncertainty. In order to provide continuity of care, telehealth appointments are now available for your safety and convenience via HIPAA compliant platforms, FaceTime, and phone. Please call for an appointment.
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September 14, 2020 - The Psychological substrate of mask refusal in public and failure to acknowledge dangers posed by Covid-19



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Choosing a therapist carefully is extremely important…

… so I’ve addressed issues you may want to consider. If you seek enduring personal transformation rather than temporary symptom relief, I recommend psychoanalytic therapy as the most potent and helpful therapeutic change agent available to you. Call (949) 683-1201 for an initial consultation.

Specialties: In addition to her general practice Dr. Heller specializes in creativity; adolescent and young adult concerns; depression and anxiety; resolution of childhood trauma; phase of life and human development issues and chronic illness/pain. She treats adolescents, young adults and adults; individuals and couples. LGBT comunity welcome. Dr. Heller also specializes in training therapists who seek to deepen the dimensions and quality of their work.

Education: A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, Pepperdine University and Newport Psychoanalytic Institute, Dr. Heller is a member of the Newport Center for Psychoanalytic Studies, where she is also a faculty instructor.

Professional consultation: Dr. Heller offers group or individual consultation to interns, students and licensed therapists seeking to deepen the nature of their clinical work. She is also a writing/editorial consultant.

Publications: Dr. Heller also publishes an informative weblog archiving and reproducing columns formerly published in the Orange County Register and The Therapist Magazine. Columns explore psychological issues from a psychoanalytic perspective:

For specialty care, when individual and family problems are serious, unremitting or chronic, our treatment model may offer the very help you need. Click here to visit the website of my Colleague and Associate, Dr. Glenn Mowbray, to learn more about our work.

Providing small group and/or individual consultation to clinicians seeking to establish greater rapport with and work more deeply, insightfully, and effectively with high functioning adolescents and young adults on the spectrum and their families.

Over time, psychoanalysis opens a viable portal into the solipsistic, sensory world(s) of these individuals, realms about which they rarely speak. Freud called the psychical world the true reality, and we are building bridges. As the therapeutic relationship expands the small point of interpersonal connection, a permeable and more flexible inside-out membrane through which they can shift self-states with greater volition and efficacy is created – a functional interface between the demanding “real” world and the restorative private interiors that often feel much more alive to them.

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