How often should I come?

Psychoanalysis is defined more by the way we work together than the frequency of your sessions.  Therefore, analytic therapy can be structured very formally or more loosely.

While meeting 3-4 times weekly creates a very special experience, often individuals begin slowly and increase the frequency of sessions as the work deepens.  This is something you and I will discuss thoroughly together.  We will decide what format is best for you at this time and review it later as your treatment progresses.

While once a week sessions don’t allow for the full analytic experience, they can be very potent and beneficial, particularly as benefits accrue over time.  Analysis is defined by many variables; frequency of sessions is simply one aspect.

You and I will discuss all aspects of your psychotherapy when we begin our work together and will revisit them as needed over the course of your treatment.  The structure of your very personal psychotherapy will be tailored to fit you and may appear dissimilar to someone else’s, yet both will achieve analytic goals.

“At our core, we are unknown, even to ourselves.”

-Donald Winnicott