How does analytic therapy differ from other modalities?

All modes of therapy are derived from psychoanalytic theories, either by adapting, refuting or diverging from them.Each therapeutic concept poses and answers two questions: “What causes psychological or emotional distress and what repairs it?”

Unlike the wide variety of revolving  door therapies that promise fast behavioral “cures” and focus solely on a single problem or symptom, analysis considers you as a whole person, not just problematic “parts.” It is a psychological journey that slowly integrates all aspects of your life and does so by linking your inner and outer worlds, your dreams, wishes, desires, losses, past and present. It links early childhood experiences to your life right now. Many people begin psychoanalytic therapy after having had negative, impermanent or unsuccessful experiences in other forms of treatment.

“Even small differences can be big differences in this work.”

-Michael Eigen

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