A former columnist for the health and Fitness pages of the Orange County Register and regular contributor to The Therapist Magazine, published by the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT), Dr. Heller’s columns are archived and reproduced on her weblog, Inside Out Journal:

Using current events as a focal point of departure, Dr. Heller explores psychological issues from a psychoanalytic perspective, capturing and illuminating major themes of living.

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Take a look at a recent Inside Out Journal column entitled:

The Shape of Fear: on psychic voids and perilous black holes

Abstract: The capacity to use words and language as symbols of communication is a developmental achievement borne of the elegant and mutually regulating mother-infant dyad.

This paper examines what occurs when emotional catastrophe compromises this sensitive process, and speech and words come to be used instead to defend against annihilation anxiety, dread and psychic “black holes” associated with primitive mental states.

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