Dr. Mauri-Lynne Heller & Dr. Glenn Mowbray

Inside Out Specialty Care

Inside Out is an intensive, outpatient treatment approach designed for high risk adolescents, young adults and their families who may have tried nearly everything but have had little enduring success. We offer more effective but equally demanding psychoanalytic therapy to an underserved but perhaps overtreated, overmarketed, and battle-weary niche here in Southern California.
The disappointment of repetitive treatment failures is emotionally and financially scarring.  By the time families and individuals like you find us, they are often distraught, frightened, hopeless and feel they have failed.  It is more accurate to suggest that perhaps the programs did not penetrate or treat the deeper emotional and relational issues that cannot be ignored or swept away with positive thinking, behavioral adaptations or encouragement.  We are here to help you unravel your unfinished business and complete what you began.


Unique Approach

Inside Out substitutes long-term, psychoanalytic therapy for revolving door, respite care programs that are costly but often of limited benefit.

If an individual has completed a residential treatment program, it is imperative that individual and family treatment continue afterward to promote long-term success and preclude repetitive failures.

We understand that you are struggling with deeply troubling and perhaps crippling issues and are here to help you grapple with, understand, and begin to solve them from the inside out.  We offer you emotional “thought for food.”

Intensity, Frequency, Duration

These three attributes underscore how and why our psychoanalytic approach differs from other formulaic, behavioral or quick-fix models that promise so much yet often deliver so little.  The corrosive cost you pay both emotionally and financially is as damaging as the problems you are trying to solve.

In exchange for short-term relief followed by disappointment and despair, we offer frequent, intensive, long-term treatment that keeps you and your family in place, so you can really grapple with your problems. You exchange short term reprieve for hard emotional work that produces deep and enduring change from the inside out.

Instead of a brief hiatus, we are offering you a way to suffer and grow in a meaningful way.  We are inviting you to work very hard facing undeveloped and often unknown or misunderstood parts of yourself.  We will help you explore unconscious patterns of mind that often have destructive lives of their own.

By choosing to work with us in a committed way over an extended period, you and your family may begin to alter the course of your lives.

Inside Out Treatment

The foundation of your treatment rests upon individual and family psychoanalytic therapy designed to be intense, frequent, and long-term.

Both components are necessary and required, because change is always bidirectional.  As an individual begins to change, so necessarily must his or her family and vice versa.

As treatment proceeds, other family members may desire their own marital or individual analytic treatment.  In those instances, we are equipped to make suitable referrals.

Organic, Gradual, and Measured Change

Psychoanalytic therapy extends over a period of years rather than weeks or months, and this feature cannot be overstated.  Change is organic, gradual and measured.  There is no quick fix for problems that are deeply entrenched and often cascade over generations.  We are here to see you though.

You may expect the emotional themes of your lives to play out naturally within a safe therapeutic relationship.  Instead of simply struggling and failing to alter rigid and unrewarding patterns or cycles, we begin to interrupt them with thoughtful understanding that introduces something different, flexible and new.

Teamwork and Collaboration

A hallmark feature of our approach concerns ongoing collaboration among members of your treatment team.  Consulting weekly, Dr. Mowbray and I are better able to assess, facilitate, and fine tune the direction of your individual and family treatment in the most beneficial way.  We help each other help you.

Independent of who is in treatment with us at any given time, our weekly consultation continues throughout the entire process.  You have two minds thinking about you at any given time in your treatment.  Consultation may include other clinicians or practitioners who are involved in your treatment, and this may change over time.  While we are affiliated with psychoanalytically-oriented psychiatrists that we recommend highly, we welcome the input of psychiatrists who may already be in place.

Fee structure

While our treatment program is costly, it is much less expensive than repeated stints at short-term, residential respite care programs and keeps all family members in place, so we can undertake your problems with the intensity, endurance and frequency that only psychoanalysis can provide.

Instead of paying one standardized fee, you will pay for your sessions, our consultation time, and any other time dedicated to your treatment at a rate of $240.00 per 45-minute analytic hour.  Dr. Mowbray and I each bill separately for our time.  We will discuss this with you thoroughly.  You pay only for services received.

Fee for Service

Because we admit no third-party intrusions into your treatment, Dr. Mowbray and I are not affiliated with any insurance carrier.  You will be provided with super bills to submit to your carrier if you wish.  Our relationship will be with you, not your insurance carrier.