The Psychological substrate of mask refusal in public and failure to acknowledge dangers posed by Covid-19

Covid-19 has impacted each of us singularly as individuals and collectively as members of larger communities and cultures.  Reactions and responses depend upon the myriad ways individual and collective attributes and characteristics intersect.  Unfortunately, the politicization of disease management and/or treatments has camouflaged the psychological substrate that drives those responses.  Mask refusal is not about […]

A Psychoanalytic Examination of Positive Psychology

This column also appears in the online format of the January-February issue of The Therapist Magazine, the publication of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists.  While it was written for clinicians, concepts discussed are readily accessible to any interested reader. Abstract: In this column, Dr. Heller examines the clinical limitations of the Positive […]

What’s it really worth, anyway…?

This column originally appeared in the Orange County Register. While conversing with a colleague recently, discussing the progress and vagaries of her doctoral dissertation and the general trends of the day, I began to think about the financial triage that has come to redefine daily life for so many people impacted negatively by the dismal […]