Welcome to my website and psychoanalytic practice

Dr. Heller is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Psychoanalyst practicing in Newport Beach, California. Treating adolescents, young adults and adults, she provides care for individuals who come from all over the world.

Rather than simply employing loose gimmicks or techniques, psychoanalysis is the only treatment modality grounded firmly in theory, and these theoretical tenets guide treatment, informing the work from beginning to end. No other clinicians can claim to use theory more precisely and productively in the service of patient care, growth and adjustment.

Symptoms are understood as serving important psychological functions whose meanings are best examined and understood before they are eliminated. As a result of careful inquiry, the subjective experience of self is reconfigured, becoming more authentic. Simultaneously, the quality of interpersonal relationships and of life in general begins to shift spontaneously. The behavioral repertoire becomes more flexible and less reactive. Life feels more meaningful and rewarding. Rather than simply reliving the past repetitiously, an increased capacity to learn from experience facilitates healthier behavioral choices.

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“Psychoanalysis is thought for food.”

-Mauri-Lynne Heller