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    The Psychological substrate of mask refusal in public and failure to acknowledge dangers posed by Covid-19

    Covid-19 has impacted each of us singularly as individuals and collectively as members of larger communities and cultures.  Reactions and responses depend upon the myriad ways individual and collective attributes and characteristics intersect.  Unfortunately, the politicization of disease management and/or treatments has camouflaged the psychological substrate that drives those responses. 

    Mask refusal is not about civil liberties, bravery, or strength. It is a failure to acknowledge the dangers posed by the novel corona virus.  It is an expression of unbearable fear and anxiety. It is an example of denial, the mind’s defense against reality as it is.  It is a protective measure deployed to avoid overwhelm. 

    Now is the perfect time to explore your interior world and all the powerful emotions you may be feeling or shielding yourself from experiencing.  Wherever your mind goes, your life and behavior follow.  I will go there with you.

    Remote treatment options make it possible for individuals in any part of California to access analytic therapy.  Call for a telehealth appointment today.

    Dr. Mauri-Lynne Heller